2018年,FENKO 鳳嬌催化室 以實驗、創新的步態登台,挑戰「紙」在當代的無限可能,更深入鑽研保存修復專用紙材之專業領域,連結關係企業研發團隊,精選並代理國際規格紙品,除了提供國際化、高規格之無酸紙材,亦擔任紙材專業顧問,提供藝術家、畫廊等客製紙材諮詢服務,力行催化精神,期待創造生產者與使用者共好的溝通平台,媒合收藏家、藝廊、藝術家、修復師,透過舉辦講座、課程,嘗試開啟臺灣保存修復工作者與材料的對話與可能。

Since 1995, Suho Memorial Paper Culture Foundation has upheld its founder Mr. Chen SUHO’s lifelong vision of sustaining Taiwanese paper culture for the next generation, and has continued to promote the beauty of paper culture and developed educational programs. However, SUHO has also decided to extend a new brand, Fenko Catalysis Chamber.

Armed with 60 years’ experience in traditional paper-making, 50 years’ experience in research and development, and 20 years’ experience in the paper culture of museums, FENKO along with the research and development team of affiliate companies have invested time, manpower and countless resources to take on the challenge of creating professional restoration paper. FENKO have not only become a new benchmark for the paper restoration industry, but have also, through fabrication of premium quality paper, FENKO has provided restoration experts with the best materials to work with now and more in the future!


Fenko Catalysis Chamber|鳳嬌催化室
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