2018 Contour of Paper and Forest

  • Type: Collaborations
  • Date:2018, October
  • Material: Fabric Tex White
  • Client: The Forest Big

FENKO has always welcomed to catalyze materials with different people, place and ideas.In 2018 October, FENKO was invited to join The Forest Big to curate three major events located in the forest in Miaoli.

FENKO created a paper tunnel by our waterproof paper in the middle of the forest, along with our product experimental runway using our new material— Paper Yarn.
These delicate fabrics were then designed by FENKO in to our unique contour collection. A combination with contemporary dance and fashion through a two-day tour, “Contour of Paper and Forest” had 120 guests who joined us in the forest. Being the October Dean of Forest Big, FENKO created a calm and inspired atmosphere with paper installations and modern aesthetics in the natural surroundings.