2017 Cultural Explosion

  • Type:Exhibition
  • Date:2017.04.19-2017.04.23, Huasan1914 Creative Park
  • Material: FENKO P Snow、 FENKO WDRY Double Snow
  • Client: InFormat Design Curating ✕  Creative Expo Taiwan

Creative Expo Taiwan is the biggest cultural exhibition every year and the main spirit is defined by the design of the theme pavilion. In 2017, theme is ” CULTURAL EXPLOSION” where you see everything from content curating, spatial and visual designs differing from traditional display of cultural and creative merchandise. The theme brings out five core issues that affect civilians; everyday lives, leading people to think “What is culture and How to make our lives better,” not conveying the moment when cultural explosion occurs, but discusses the aftermath and waves caused by it. This exhibition discovered the energy of local materials and traditional industries, invited designers from various fields of Taiwan to participate, re-introduced new design thinking, and is making new and interesting proposals for the future. Some include: planning of social design proposals, airport indicators, lunch boxes and contents, brand new designs in gymnastics music and choreography for primary school students, paper development, glass material innovation and opinion leader dialogue. We believe that 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan can be counted as one of the exhibitions in recent years where the planning team which, entrusted by the Taiwan government, achieved the best performances in concept expression, modernity, sophistication, and brand favorability.
(Good Design Award, CULTURAL EXPLOSION – 2017 CREATIVE EXPO TAIWAN, http://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/46070?locale=zh_TW)

Our team was in charge for the major visual of the entire exhibition space, FENKO P Snow and FENKO WDRY Double Snow were used in Cultural Explosion by Creative Expo Taiwan in 2017, displayed the lithe flow which is designed with InFormat Design Curating.