Pure Natural

Wholly made of Kozo bark fiber with traditional techniques, this paper is extraordinarily strong in texture and naturally acid-free; especially good for traditional painters to present “Flying White”, an effect commonly.
Seen in Chinese Painting for repairing purpose. Acid-free paper is perfect for packaging or backing the ancient script in the process of mounting since it contains relatively long fibers, which is capable of strengthening.

Basis Weight|22-25 g/㎡
Place of Origin|Taiwan
Raw Materials|Kozo

Size|78 x 141 cm
Price|$300 /  3 pcs

Size| 96 x 186 cm
Price|$270 /  2 pcs

For customers who are interested in ordering, please call 02-2515- 0688 ext.13 or send an email to info@fenko.com.tw. A specialist will contact you to confirm product stock details.