Pure Guard

Neutral protective paper with no acid or alkaline buffer treatment, suitable for protecting alkaline sensitive materials such as photos, protein-made fabrics, etc. In the choice of paper color, papers of 45g and 70g are often used as interlayer liners, and white is used; while 120g paper is more likely to be processed into envelopes, avoiding the dirt caused by holding, hence the color milk-ish white was chosen.

Place of Origin|Japan
Raw Materials|Wood pulp

Color | White
Basis Weight|45 g/㎡
Size|110  x 30 M
Price|$ 3400 / one roll
Size|110 x 80 cm
Price|$ 1790 / 25 pcs,$ 8400 / 200 pcs

Color | White
Basis Weight|70 g/㎡
Size|110 x 80 cm
Price|$ 12380 / 20 pcs,$ 14000 / 200 pcs

Color | Cream
Basis Weight|120 g/㎡
Size|110 x 80 cm
Price|$ 2080 / 10 pcs,$ 12200 / 100 pcs

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