Mainly produced in Japan, and exclusively sold by Fenko. Mulberry bark fiber made Tenge is commonly used by estoration workshops all around the world. It is special because of its extreme thinness hence saves space when restored items are stored, also suitable for restoring and mounting maps, books or any double-sided restoring needs. It is offered in a variety of weights(grams), colors and sizes.

Basis Weight|1.6-9  g/㎡
Size|W x 30m (one set for 100 rolls)
Place of Origin|Japan
Raw Materials|Japanese Kozo , Thail Kozo

1. Product will directly purchase from Japan once order has been confirmed. Shipping fee will be calculated separately. 2. For those who want to order, please call 02-2515- 0688 ext.18 or send an email to conservation@fenko.com.tw. A specialist will contact you to confirm product specifications, stock status, and quote amount, etc. Thank you!